Why Natural Stones ?



Natural stones are one of the oldest building materials in existence. The use of natural stones can be traced back to the great pyramids of Egypt, the streets of ancient Rome, architectural buildings like the Colosseum, etc. With regular maintenance and care, natural stones have the potential to last literally for decades.


Natural stone encompasses a wide variety of materials like Limestone, Sandstone, Slate, etc. each with its own unique properties, color, and texture. The presence of impurities gives inimitable color variation in every piece of stone with a rich textured appearance. Every piece of stone is unique yet maintains a comprehensive overall appearance


One advantage of using natural stone is the character of the natural stone changes with age as the stone wears, fades and matures. The weathering effect that occurs with years of use is often considered attractive. Weathering can also be prevented by periodic application of stone sealers on a regular basis.


Natural Stone is an organic product quarried from the earth and is available in abundance, Natural stone does not contain any harmful chemicals and ensures a safer environment, Further, natural stones can be salvaged, reused, and recycled


With the use of recommended cleaners and sealing the stone on a regular basis, makes it relatively easy to clean. With little care and precautions, the natural beauty of the stone can be preserved.
The above-mentioned advantages of natural stone make it a popular choice of material for construction and architectural purposes.

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