CV. Anugrah Pratama Buana

Manufacture and Exporter for Indonesian Natural Stone


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    Manufacturer And Exporter For Indonesia Natural Stone

    CV. Anugrah Pratama Buana is dedicated to supplying selective high-quality products at competitive prices. We have been successfully exporting our products to various countries. Our company has grown into one of the leading and the top exporter for tiles products made of gravel, sliced pebble tiles, and pebble mosaic tiles.

    CV Anugrah Pratama Buana adopts traditional technology and exclusive resources. Our skilled and professional production workers and staff behind us provide our consumers with unique and artistic products. All our workers are well-trained and apply very high safety standards for our equipment. Our excellent and integrated quality control in every production stage ensures that each product meets our customers’ expectations.

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    Our Products

    Before the products are shipped, we need to be sure that
    every little piece is perfect. We are one of the few suppliers
    who apply strict procedure of quality control

    Sliced Pebbles

    Random Parquet Mosaic

    Random Cut Mosaic

    Alur Series

    Jumbo Pebble

    Jumbo Shaved Pebble

    Flat Marble

    Mini Pebbles

    Standing Pebbles

    Dimensions & Trapesium Mosaics

    Hexagon Mosaics


    Pebble Mosaics

    Parquet Mosaics

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